Sculpting Dreams, Ground Up.

Hard and Soft Surface Installs

Our outdoor surface specialists are turning dirt into dreams, flipping turf, and laying concrete, because making your outdoor space awesome is our kind of thrill!

How Can We Help?

At ColoradoScapes, we are your one-stop destination for top-quality soft and hard surfaces, with an in-house team of skilled experts, we bring together diverse expertise, ensuring precision and excellence in every aspect of your landscape/construction project. Choose us for a comprehensive solution, where all your surfacing needs are met under one roof.

Types of Surfacing that ColoradoScapes installs:

Concrete: Dream in concrete, build in color! At ColoradoScapes, we don't just lay sidewalks; we create city pathways that are ADA-compliant, blending functionality with flair. Elevate your outdoor experience with our custom concrete expertise – from vibrant-colored patios that pop 

to stamped retaining walls that make a statement. Steps? We'll sculpt them into a grand entrance. When it comes to concrete, think beyond the gray.  

Sod: Need a lush lawn for your home oasis? We've got you covered with our sod solutions, paired with an easy-peasy sprinkler system – because watering should be a breeze, not a puzzle. And hey, developers dreaming of soccer fields, we're game for that too! 

Pavers and Stones: Laying interlocking pavers to create durable and visually appealing surfaces or placing natural or manufactured stones for pathways or decorative features.

Turf: Turf's up at ColoradoScapes! We've partnered with a B2B vendor that dishes out only the finest, greenest goodness for both commercial and residential spaces. Dog Parks? All of our types of turf are dog-approved and have “turbo drainage” for odor mitigation and add odor-neutralizer enzymes that last 10+ years!

Playground surfacing? Our turf can handle fall zone heights of 6 feet and beyond, turning play areas into safe, fun, and NRPA-approved spaces. 

PIP (Pour-in-Place) and Engineered Wood Chips 

PIP isn't just for safety; it's a canvas of creativity. Imagine vibrant colors and fun designs turning your play area into a masterpiece of joy. Our PIP (Pour-in-Place) and engineered wood chips are the dynamic duo ensuring your play area is not just fun but safe, with fall heights of 6 feet and beyond covered. Safety first? Absolutely. We're compliant with ASTM F1292, F3351, and F3313 standards – because we believe in setting the bar high, especially when it comes to fall zones.


Thought of another type of surface? Great! We're not just in the landscaping business; we're in the 'make your vision a reality' business. And the best part? We're all 'in-house,' saving you not just money but also the hassle of juggling different contractors. 

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