Ashmore Playground and Park Amenities

Our project in Colorado Springs showcases a captivating playground harmonized with park amenities, fostering joy and connection.

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Recreational Amenities

About the project

An all-inclusive recreational haven in Colorado Springs, a thoughtfully designed playground for all ages, a basketball court, site features, a pavilion with picnic tables, a soccer field, and a fitness playground. Partnering with us means smooth execution, from planning and obtaining permits to ensuring compliance, creating a vibrant space that reflects the essence of community engagement.

The Ashmore project involved skilled professionals in various trades, including commercial irrigation, monument construction, playground equipment installation, sidewalk finishers, and electricians. With in-house expertise, we eliminate the need for multiple subcontractors, ensuring a cohesive and cost-efficient approach. From celebrating special occasions to promoting community fitness and recreation, we take pride in delivering comprehensive solutions that reflect the diverse needs of our clients, all under the ColoradoScapes umbrella.

On-Site Expertise

To successfully create a construction/landscape project with diverse elements like a basketball court, playgrounds for different age groups, fitness areas, site features, shade structures, landscaping, and ADA concrete sidewalks, the following expertise is typically required:

Landscape Designers/Architects:

Professionals with expertise in designing outdoor spaces, considering aesthetics, functionality, and safety.

Civil Engineers:

Needed for planning and implementing the infrastructure, including ADA-compliant sidewalks and proper drainage.

Construction Managers:

Oversee the entire construction process, ensuring timelines, budgets, and quality standards are met.

Site Supervisors:

Responsible for on-site coordination, managing subcontractors, and ensuring compliance with plans.

Playground Installers:

Specialized in creating age-appropriate and safe playgrounds, considering equipment and surface materials.

Basketball Court Builders:

Experts in constructing durable and safe basketball courts with proper markings and materials.

Fitness Equipment Installers:

Professionals who install outdoor fitness equipment, ensuring it meets safety standards.


Skilled in enhancing outdoor spaces with greenery, plants, and overall landscaping aesthetics.

Shade Structure Installers:

We specialize in installing custom structures like pergolas and pavilions with our in-house welders.

Concrete Contractors:

Needed for installing ADA-compliant sidewalks and other concrete features.

Playground Safety Inspectors:

Monitor the construction site to ensure compliance with safety regulations and CPSI federal guidelines.


Our commitment to crafting exceptional recreational amenities has established us as the premier landscaper, earning recommendations for future projects in multiple areas. ColoradoScapes is the trusted name synonymous with transformative landscapes, leaving a lasting impact on every community we touch.

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