Residential Home - Black Forest, CO.

Our landscape construction process includes crafting expansive ponds, perfect for fishing, and creating serene picturesque environments that exceed expectations.

Outdoor Living
Hard and Soft Surface Installs

About the project

A landscape for a homeowner in Black Forest, CO., consisted of a four-phase landscape/construction process, starting with the transformation of the front yard. Progressing, we move to demolish old structures, then replace the cleared space with a stunning pond, complete with a fire pit, cascading water features, and a dry river. The final phase brings elegance with stamped concrete resembling a wooden dock, surrounded by a vibrant soft landscape featuring fruit trees, creating the perfect haven for homeowners.

Challenges & solutions

Benefits of using ColoradoScapes include creating a dream landscape at home with features like gas fireplaces, stamped concrete, landscaping, riverbeds, a fishable pond, cascading water features, and fruit trees requires a diverse set of expertise in landscape architecture and construction and can all be found with-in the company. The following types of professionals involved during the process include: 

Landscape Designer:

Designs the overall layout and aesthetic of the dream landscape, ensuring harmony among various elements.


Implements the landscaping plan, including the selection and placement of plants, trees, and other softscape features.

Hardscape Contractor:

Specializes in the installation of features like stamped concrete, matching gas fireplaces, and riverbeds.

Water Feature Specialist:

Designs and installs cascading water features, ensuring proper circulation and aesthetics.

Pond Construction Expert:

Constructs a fishable pond, incorporating considerations for aquatic life and ecological balance.


Advises on the selection, planting, and maintenance of fruit trees, ensuring their health and longevity.

Masonry and Concrete Expert:

Ensures the proper installation of features like stamped concrete, fireplaces, and riverbeds for both functionality and aesthetics.

Irrigation Specialist:

Designs and installs irrigation systems to support the health of the landscape, including the pond and fruit trees.

Outdoor Lighting Designer:

Plans and installs lighting to enhance the ambiance of the landscape, especially in the evenings.

Project Manager:

Coordinates the efforts of various professionals, ensuring the project progresses smoothly and meets the homeowner's expectations.

Collaboration among these experts is crucial to achieving a cohesive and harmonious dream landscape that fulfills the homeowner's vision. 

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