Flying Horse - North Monument

Witness the transformation as our landscape/construction team brings to life a 20' bell tower monument on the North side of Colorado Springs, blending precision engineering and artistic vision for a timeless landscape centerpiece.

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About the project

Our monument execution involves welders, electricians, landscapers, cranes, erosion control, and the expertise of engineers, culminating in an iconic structure that stands as a testament to our commitment to excellence in landscape construction.

On-Site Expertise

This project consisted of using multiple trades within the company to create a construction/landscape project like a 20' bell tower monument requires a diverse range of expertise. The key areas of expertise needed include:

Architectural and Engineering Expertise:

Architects and engineers are crucial for designing and planning the structure, ensuring it meets safety standards, and incorporating proper lighting features.

Landscaping Design and Implementation:

Landscape architects and designers are essential for planning the overall aesthetic, including the integration of greenery, pathways, and other landscaping elements around the monument.

Lighting Design and Installation:

Lighting designers and electricians are necessary to plan and install lighting elements for both aesthetic and practical purposes, enhancing the visual appeal of the Bell Tower monument.

Construction and Project Management:

Construction professionals, including project managers and skilled laborers, are needed for the actual construction of the monument.

Environmental and Regulatory Compliance:

Professionals well-versed in local regulations and environmental considerations are essential to navigate permits, and zoning requirements, all to ensure the project adheres to all necessary standards.

Softscape Experts:

Specialists in horticulture and softscaping contribute to the selection and maintenance of plants, trees, and greenery surrounding the monument.

Soil and Erosion Control Engineers:

Engineers with expertise in soil mechanics and erosion control play a vital role in designing solutions to prevent soil erosion and ensure the stability of the landscape.


Collaboration and effective communication between these experts are key to the success of such a multifaceted project, ensuring that the bell tower monument not only meets aesthetic goals but also stands as a structurally sound and environmentally responsible landmark. Our collaborative process, marked by planning and numerous meetings, ensures that every aspect aligns cohesively, resulting in an iconic landscape construction that stands tall and proud.  

ColoradoScapes’ ability to adjust to evolving project needs not only upholds our reputation for excellence within the community but also opens doors to numerous opportunities for bidding on future projects in the area.

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